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Treat Your Face Like a Salad Skin Care Naturally, Wrinkle-and-Blemish-Free Recipes and Gourmet Hints for a Fabu-lishous Face Volume 3 – Skin Care Recipes For All Occasions

Treat Your Face Like a Salad Skin Care Naturally, Wrinkle-and-Blemish-Free Recipes and Gourmet Hints for a Fabu-lishous Face Volume 3 - Skin Care Recipes For All Occasions


What Readers are Saying!

“…incredible amount of information – everything you need to know about how to take care of your skin and more…”

“My Skin Care Bible!”

“… refreshing to know that natural ingredients can clean and beautify your skin as well or better than department store products sold at cosmetic counters…”

“The first time I put one of the dream creams on my hands they looked 10 years younger. This is a big deal. I am 49 years old and have tried everything from the most expensive to the cheapest creams and nothing worked”

“greatly excited about the simplicity of your book and the effectiveness of your recipes”

“My girlfriend with sensitive, red, blotchy skin ran out of her regular cream and panicked, I had her try one of your creams and she loves it. It made a big difference in her beautiful new complexion.“

Treat Your Face Like a Salad, was selected by DoubleDay Health Book Club as a Featured Alternate under the title The Home Guide to Natural Beauty Care. It has also appeared in the Spanish translation Tratamientos Faciales Naturistas.

Volume 3

Wow! Another volume loaded with information. In this volume you learn more tricks to make your skin the envy of all of your friends (and enemies)! You now know how to make the perfect toner(s), moisturizer(s), and clay masks, and how to take a simple, basic formula and make a dynamite exotic variation with aromatherapy. You are practically a professional in selecting the best aromatic, essential oils for your skin type, employ the perfect proportions and know how to mix them. You know how to reduce eye puffiness with acupressure, kitchen cosmetics, aromatherapy and erase dark circles with a simple fig. You are privy to my personal, intensive skin care recipe and so much more.

I have listed quick references and sources. More are available in Volume 6. I hope you enjoy the material and that you will refer to it often.


Ever fight back an overwhelming urge to taste a succulent cheek? How about those pinchable, dewy, round, rosies — deliciously edible faces that could do with just a little nibbling — clean, clear, crisp, luscious, radiant skin that sets your senses tingling. Well, ladies and gentlemen, dazzling, wrinkle-and-blemish-free-skin can be yours at any age.

With the proper care, blemishes can fade, wrinkles diminish (or downright disappear), muscles tone, and skin glow all over — all without commercial cosmetics, in fact, better without commercial cosmetics.

Why? Simply because of the ingredients. You know what you are getting. You know the fixin’s are fresh, potent and preservative free. Even the best natural cosmetics, contain preservatives and lose vitality sitting on the shelf, and a papaya fresh from the market will “clarify” your skin without acetone, the expensive department store exfoliant that also removes nail polish.
End the cosmetics confusion. Forget all the options: “Should I tissue off, rub or rinse, freshen, astringe or tone?” Ignore all the hype! Good skin care is very simple. Beautiful skin has existed for centuries. Ask Cleopatra and the ladies of the French court. Just Treat Your Face Like a Salad! Clean it. Crisp it. Mist it. Press it. Dress it with nutrient replenishing, skin tightening, blemish fading, wrinkle-erasing, acne clearing natural at-home recipes and gourmet hints for a fabu-lishous face.

Table of Contents

About the Author
The "Fabu-lishous" Face
Chapter 1. The Ingredients
Chapter 2. Resurrection Dressings: Toners
Defining a Toner
Alcohol Toners
Natural Toner Recipes
Celery Soother
C" or "C" Cooler
Fruit Fandangos
Dairy Royale Combos
Great-Grandma's Staple
Rosy Astringent
Orange Water and Glycerine
Floral Waters and Floral Astringents
Witch Hazel with Pizzazz
Vinagre Herbal
"New spice” aftershave
Hungary Water
Aloe Toners
Aloe Surprise
Chapter 3. Everyday Sauces: Moisturizers
Dairy Delight
Margarine Magic
Don’t Hold the Mayo

Much, Much More!

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