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Natural Skin Care Tips for Men, Women and Children – A Pure Natural Skin Care Guide for the Whole Family

Natural Skin Care Tips for Men, Women and Children - A Pure Natural Skin Care Guide for the Whole Family

With the exception of the ladies in the family, the men and kids don’t get a lot of focus when it comes to the care of their skin. You would probably agree this comes from the missed-perception that skin care traditionally has to do with beauty, looks and vanity.

My plan with this book is to change that perception. The whole family needs to focus on skin care. The health of every person, age or gender is dependent on healthy skin. This is true for the whole family. Remember, your skin is your body’s largest organ. Looking young and feeling good about ourselves is a good thing; why not do it naturally with organic skin care and nutrition from the inside out. Protecting our kids and keeping them healthy is a parents mission; including taking care of their skin. Skin care is not just for women anymore. Men need to and want to pro-actively care for their skin. As your guide, I will take you on a journey through the world of natural organic skin care and skin health from the inside out.
Chapter 1: Nutrition for inside and outside your body. We will explore how your over all health and the quality and quantity of your nutritional intake is critical to the health, clarity and vibrancy of your skin.

Chapter 2: Free Radicals are dangerous and can run rampant in the cells of your body and your skin. Antioxidants to the rescue.

Chapter 3: Our Emotional Skin. Stress is a contributor to skin problems. What can you do about it?

Chapter 4: We will discuss why natural pure chemical free skin care products are the best choice for healthy skin and a health body for the whole family.

Chapter 5: Tips for how to build and create the skin health, beauty and handsome look you want using pure natural nutrition and pure natural botanical skin care.

Chapter 6: Exploring the scary world of mainstream chemically filled synthetic skin care products and why you should always read labels to see what is in the products you put on your skin.

Chapter 7: We’ll take a look at the healthy benefits of the sun and the misconceptions about sun exposure on skin health. Why we should beware of most sun screen and sun block.

Chapter 8: Skin Care for Children – Sensitive Skin Strategies

Chapter 9: Skin Care for Men – Sun and Weather Damaged Skin

Chapter 10: We will look at how you can use natural strategies for anti aging to have younger looking skin.

Chapter 11: A simple to do guide for promoting healthy glowing youthful skin. I’ll offer some recipes and product ideas for pure natural organic skin care that is good for every bodies skin; man, woman and child.

It goes without saying that if you believe that chemicals and toxins in your food and in the air you breathe are not good for you, then it also goes with out saying that chemicals and toxins on your skin are also not good for you. As we have discussed earlier in this book, free radical damage is rampant. We need to avoid exposure, and we need to get lots of antioxidants into our bodies and onto our skin. Pure organic plant based nutritional skin care products are not going to have ingredients that cause free radical damage, they are going to have lots of antioxidant ingredients.The holistic nutritional approach to skin care is all about feeding the skin with antioxidant rich plant based ingredients.
When you look closely at the various factors that influence your skin, it’s not surprising to find that most over-the-counter skin care products fall short of what they promise. Caring for your skin means caring for yourself, from the inside out.

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