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Eczema, Rash, Natural Skin Care Balm – Calendula, Chamomile – Chemicals Free 0.5 oz

Eczema, Rash, Natural Skin Care Balm - Calendula, Chamomile - Chemicals Free 0.5 oz

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A treatment for you and the entire family! These Flowers / Aromatherapy Oils / Natural Ingredients are known to benefit dry/ cracked skin, sores, wrinkles, hormonal balance, rashes, irritation, insect bites, burns, tatoo after care, immune system, metabolism, relaxation and more. Best Use: Evening moisturizer for your feet, hands, face, body and general massage. Spread a little on your hands and rub the desired area. Fast absorbing & excellent moisturizer – a tiny amount will benefit your whole body. Keep at room temperature or at a cool place. Fresh gentle natural scent. No need to buy expensive creams. This 0.5 oz will last for a long time. Pure Natural Ingredients: Calendula Flower infused Olive Oil, Chamomile Flower infused Olive Oil, Rose Geranium infused Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Essential Oils. No Alcohol, Glycerin, Acids, Petrolatum, No chemicals, or Artificial Fragrance. Our Customer Reviews: "My son came back from a school field trip, with a rash on his back. I used your balm (Calendula) and it disappeared! Thank you, M." "I got irritated (and itchy) by grass or weeds, and I used the Calendula balm – instant relief! S." "My heels get cracked in the summer… I use the calendula cream and it feels great. Thank you. D." "I LOVE the balm. It is wonderful. Lately, I've been putting it around (but not on) a 2nd degree burn I've been treating. It's lovely and soothing – great on any irritated area. And it smells wonderful! Thank you again, A." Pure Wellness in a Jar! Pure Natural Ingredients!

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